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County Tax Administration Continues Field Verification Project

Post Date:06/16/2017

Durham, N.C. – December 2016 marked the beginning of a field verification project led by Durham County Tax Administration ensuring that all properties are accurately described for property tax appraisal purposes.  Staff continues the review planned for completion in 2018.


Regular review of properties is important to ensure that changes in the condition or other characteristics of a particular property can be accurately considered when the property is reappraised. 


Durham County is conducting the next reappraisal for 2019. Thereafter, reappraisals will be every four years. After establishing a baseline field review of properties for the 2019 reappraisal, the county plans to conduct future reviews on a rotating basis, so that each property will be revisited every four to six years.


“With the county’s recent transition to a shorter reappraisal cycle, we are taking steps to make sure that our property records remain up-to-date and consistent by reviewing properties on a more frequent basis,” says Tax Administrator Kimberly Simpson. 


Staff is expected to visit more than 112,000 properties. Some properties may be visited more than once as a part of the department’s quality assurance procedure. Simpson adds, “About ten percent of properties are visited a second time by quality assurance appraisers, who are trained to review field work for consistency and adherence to department policy. We are not picking on these property owners—we just want to make sure that our records are accurate and consistent.”


Additionally, properties that have recently sold may be visited as part of the sales verification program which is designed to ensure an accurate database of verified sales for analysis during the reappraisal process.


Field staff will be easily identifiable to residents. In addition to driving vehicle featuring the Durham County Government logo on both sides of the automobile, they will be dressed in uniform shirts, and carry a government-issued photo ID donning the Durham County logo. Upon arriving at the property, field staff will attempt to speak with the occupant and will leave a door hanger at each property visited. The door hanger will provide additional information on how to contact the Durham County Tax Administration Office with questions. 


For more information about this field verification project, call (919)560-0300.