Library Board of Trustees

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2017 Meeting Dates

January 19, 2017

Southwest Regional Library

3605 Shannon Road


March 16, 2017

North Regional Library

221 Milton Road


May 18, 2017

South Regional Library

4504 Alston Avenue


July 20, 2017

East Regional Library

211 Lick Creek Lane


September 21, 2017

Stanford L. Warren Library

1201 Fayetteville Street


November 16, 2017

South Regional Library

4504 Alston Avenue


The Library Board of Trustees advises the Library Director and the County Manager on issues related to the library, and acts as a liaison between Durham County Library and the community. The duties and responsibilities of the Library Board of Trustees are as follows:

  1. To review and make recommendations to the Library Director, County Manager, or Board of County Commissioners, as appropriate, on proposed library programs, policies, and regulations for the government of the Library;
  2. To make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners concerning the construction and improvement of buildings and other structures for the library system;
  3. To advise the County Manager regarding the appointment of the Library Director;
  4. To participate in preparing the annual budget of the library system;
  5. To recommend to the Board of County Commissioners a schedule of fines and charges for late return of, failure to return, damage to, and loss of library materials, and to take other measures to protect and regulate the use of such materials;
  6. To otherwise advise the Board of Commissioners on Library matters. The Board shall make an annual report on the operations of the library to the governing body and shall make an annual report to the Department of Cultural Resources as required by G.S. 125-5.


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 Meeting Date and Time  Bi-Monthly, Third Thursday at 6:00 p.m.
 Meeting Place

 Various Library Branches

 Contact Person  Anita Robinson, Durham County Public Library
 Contact Email