State of Durham County's Young Children

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Durham, North Carolina , is a vibrant community that is growing and changing rapidly. Children in Durham come from numerous ethnic, racial and national backgrounds and speak dozens of different languages at home.  This diversity contributes to the rich cultural tapestry that makes Durham a special place to live and work, but it also poses problems. 

In order to support the development of the youngest residents, Durham community leaders formed a task force in 2016 and requested that the Duke Center for Children and Family Policy prepare a report that provides a snapshot of the children ages zero to eight living in Durham County today. The resulting document is intended to be a tool for informing policy and community decisions. The report describes the population of young children in Durham through the lenses of socioeconomics, health and education.

 2017 State of Durham County's Young Children Executive Summary

2017 State of Durham County's Young Children Full Report

2017 Pre-K Task Force Report

Durham's Community Early Education/Preschool Task Force Presentation (PowerPoint)