Campaign Finance Schedules, Reports & Forms

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Required training for treasurers

Anyone that signs campaign finance reports is required by law to receive treasurer training within three months of appointment and once every four years. This training can be taken in-person or online. Get specific information on how and when to received training from the State.

NEW for 2017: Municipal candidate committees that pass $10,000 threshold must file reports electronically

Campaign finance laws now require certain committees to file campaign finance reports electronically. This includes candidates for local offices if the cumulative total for the election cycle exceeds $10,000 in contributions, in expenditures, or in loans. The free software provided by the State can be used to file electronically and perform many of the calculations for you.

Campaign reporting forms

All campaign reporting forms are provided by the State Board of Elections. Click here for a directory of forms.

Additional resource materials:

2017 report due dates (with additional reports for City of Durham municipal committees)

Report   End date Due date 
Organizational    Within 10 days of organizing
2017 Mid-year Semi-annual  6/30/2017  7/28/2017 
2017 35-day (if in primary)  8/29/2017  9/5/2017 
2017 Pre-primary (if in primary)  9/25/2017  10/2/2017 
2017 35-day (if not in primary)  9/26/2017  10/3/2017 
2017 Pre-election  10/23/2017  10/30/2017 

2017 Year-end Semi-annual 




Submitted campaign finance paperwork

What are obligations for "48-Hour" notices? 

During a period immediately before an election, single contributions of $1,000 or more (including single in-kind contributions valued at that amount) must be reported to the Board of Elections within 48 hours. The required document is CRO-2220, the "48-Hour Notice" (links to PDF, Word file, and Instructions). The period in which this obligation applies is starting on the next day not covered by the last report due before an election, up until Election Day.

The 48-Hour Notice period falls on these dates for Durham County's 2017 municipal elections:

  • For October primary/election: 9/26/17 through 10/10/17.
  • For November election: 10/31/17 through 11/7/17.