Nonprofit Agency Funding Program

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Durham County's nonprofit funding application cycle is currently closed. If you would like to receive updates on future processes, please submit your email address, name and organization's name to Andy Miracle at For informational purposes, please read below about the County's process from last year.


Target Areas 

Durham County is excited to announce new strategic Target Areas for the 2017-18 Nonprofit Request for Proposal (RFP) Process. Traditionally nonprofits were asked to align with a Strategic Plan Goal and Objective, this year we are asking nonprofits that closely align with an appropriate Target Area and Outcome to apply. A Target Area is a more specific subsection of a Durham County Strategic Goal where the County can partner with nonprofits to achieve impactful outcomes. There are three Outcomes per Target Area and one Target Area for Strategic Plan Goals 1-4. Please note that the “Possible Measures” and “Example Strategies” listed in the Target Area matrix are not exclusive, but we are asking that only nonprofits apply that have a direct connection to impacting the listed Target Area Outcomes. The type of service that you provide does not need to be listed as an Example Strategy in order to apply as long as your organization’s work impacts the Target Area Outcome. Please find the list of Target Areas and Outcomes here: 2017-18 Target Areas

Eligibility Requirements

·  Nonprofit agency must have operated as a 501(c)(3) since December 31st, 2015
·  Provide services to Durham County residents 
·  Clearly contribute to one of the Target Area Outcomes
·  Nonprofit agencies must have:
     o   No suspended revenue by the NC Department of Revenue
     o   No State or Federal overdue taxes
               Revenue and tax status can be determined here:
·  Submit the following documents with application packet:
     o   An IRS tax exempt letter confirming 501(c)(3) status
     o   An IRS 990 form
     o   A current solicitation license from the North Carolina Secretary of State (or if exempt, the exemption letter)

Application Registration 

If your agency’s program aligns with one of the Target Area Outcomes, you meet the eligibility requirements and you are interested in applying in the 2017-18 Durham County Nonprofit RFP Process, please send the following information to Andy Miracle at

·  Organization’s name and address
·  Contact’s name, email and phone number
·  Target Area and Outcome that you will be applying for
·  Type/category of service provided (2-5 words)
·  Do you meet eligibility requirements? (yes/no)


February 23rd - Nonprofit Informational Session, Commissioner Chambers at 10:00 am, 200 East Main St.
February 27th - Application is open
April 7th - Application submission deadline
May 22nd Manager’s Recommended Budget is presented

Informational Session

The Nonprofit Informational Session will take place in the Commissioner Chambers at 10:00 am on February 23rd. The Chambers are located at 200 East Main Street and are on the 2nd floor of the Administrative building. Paid parking is available in the deck to the right of the building. Attendance is not required to apply but the session will provide an opportunity to learn more about the new RFP process. There will be a tutorial session at the end of the program for new e-Cimpact users, this is the system where the application is completed.


This year we are inviting existing nonprofit collaborations to apply. Please find definitions of a nonprofit collaboration at the following websites: 

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Miracle at or 919-560-7065.



2017-18 Target Areas

2017-18 Application for Individual Nonprofits For informational purposes only - application must be completed in e-cimpact

Attachment 1 - Scope of Work Word version is in the "Resource Center" in e-cimpact

Attachment 2 - Performance Measures Word version is in the "Resource Center" in e-cimpact

Scope of Work Instructions

Informational Session Presentation

Application Scoring Matrix

Application Scoring Matrix Guide

Nonprofit Funding Program Policy

Insurance Requirements

Managing for Results: Strategic Plan

County Manager's Memorandum to Nonprofits on Process Changes - December 11, 2015


Link to e-Cimpact Software where the application can be accessed for registered applicants.