Child Placement & Permanency Services

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Child Placement and Permanency Services (CPPS) also known as “Foster Care and Adoption” purpose is to provide intensive case management services to children age birth to 21 who must be separated from his or her own parent or caretakers when the parents or caretakers are unable or unwilling to provide adequate protection and care. A child in DSS foster care is a child who has been placed in the legal custody and/or placement responsibility of the agency.

We provide case management services to the parent or caretaker, foster and adoptive parents while working to achieve permanent outcomes of either reunification with parents or caretakers, guardianship or adoption.


Our mission is to provide family center services, dedicated to best practice and innovation while partnering with families and the community in achieving well-being through ensuring prosperity, permanence, safety and support.


Foster Care/Permanency Planning – Social Workers provide intensive social work and case management services to families and children who are in the legal custody and placement responsibility of DSS.  The Social Work attempts to alleviate the factors that caused the child to enter foster care in order to reunite him/her with their family. In some cases, the factors may not be alleviated and guardianship to a court approved caretaker or adoption becomes the plan.

 Adoption-Social Workers provide intensive social work and case management services to children who are legally free for adoption until permanence is achieved. The Social Worker in addition provides pre-placement assessments for adoption and post-adoption services.

Foster Home Licensing and Placement- Social Workers license and re-license traditional foster homes. They provide counseling and support services for foster families whom have children placed in their home to assure that they are able to maintain placement stability. In addition, the Licensing Social Worker conducts pre-service and in-service training for foster families and facilitates placement for children needing out-of-home care.

Special Services-facilitates the NC LINKS Program which provides services to youth in foster care ages 13 to 18 and to youth who are voluntarily in care between the ages of 18 – 21, as well as to young adults who aged out of foster care at age 18. The LINKS Coordinator collaborates with the Foster Care/Adoption Social Worker to help these youth and young adults’ transition to Independence and have successful outcomes in education, housing, health and overall well-being. The Unit also consist of The Child and Family Team Facilitator who facilitates meetings when there is a potential custody, placement disruption and reunifications; the Post Adoption Social Worker provides supportive and case management services to adoptive parents and adoptees to alleviate adoption disruptions or dissolutions; the Kinship Care/GAP (Guardianship Assistance Program) Coordinator  provides guidance and support to court approved relatives or family friends who are caring for children when their parents cannot to alleviate potential custody with DSS.

Family to Family-Social Workers provide pre-service (MAPP) to prospective foster and/or adoptive parents and complete pre-placement foster home licensing assessments. The Foster Parent and Adoption Recruiter provides written information about the need for foster and adoptive parents as well as conduct community informational meetings and presentations in an effort to recruit families for children in foster care. The Community Out Reach Coordinator/Social Worker partners with Durham Connects to provide Social Worker services through counseling, guidance and support to newborn mothers in an effort to prevent child abuse and/or neglect. 

Human Services Unit-provides supportive services to Children involved in Child Welfare (CPS and CPPS) through Community Social Services Technicians. These services include transportation, supervision of visits between children and their parents or caretakers, assistance locating housing & employment, homemaker services such as parenting and budgeting tips as well as assistance with obtaining birth certificates and social security cards.

Some of the special partnerships CPPS is involved in include:

  • Durham County System of Care
  • Durham Connects
  • Court Improvement Project
  • Family Well Being Project formerly known as TANF Collaborative
  • Multiple Response (MRS)


Children ages 0 -21 who are placed in the legal custody and/or placement responsibility of the Department of Social Services due to abuse, neglect and/or dependency as well as their families, kinship care networks, foster and adoptive families.