Foster Care Permanency Planning

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The goal of foster parenting is to make a temporary care commitment to the child (ren) while working toward reuniting the child (ren) with his/her birth family. Foster Families help the child (ren) who has been abused, neglected, and/or who are dependent feel secure and assist the child (ren) with the tasks of normal development. Foster Families also assist the child (ren)’s birth family toward reunification by providing information on the child (ren)’s progress, cooperating with visitation and offering support and encouragement to the child (ren)’s parents.

The child (ren) who enter foster care range from 0-17 with the average of the child (ren) being 8 -10 years old. Durham County is seeking Foster Families for all ages with an emphasis on families willing to make a temporary care commitment for older children, especially teenagers.

Durham County wants you to know that “You Don’t Have to be a Perfect Parent” to help Durham’s Children. If you have Love in your Heart and Room in Your Home, Fostering may be for you.

Sharyn Flood,
Child Placement Program Manager
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