School Social Work

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The major focus is to provide remedial services to address crisis resolution and problem solving needed and to provide preventive services that address the development and strengthening of coping skills.

  • Remedial services includes immediate intervention to reduce stress for individuals and groups in the school, home and community; case work, group work or community intervention services, information and referral; consultation and collaboration.
  • Preventive services include early identification of populations at risk; needs assessment; program development; implementation, and evaluation; in-service, parent and community education; collaboration with school and community resources, advocacy, and socioeducational services to various individuals and groups in school, home and community.
Leah Fullerton
Office: 919-560-8124

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Teachers, counselors or principals refer students at the school during regular school hours. That person must complete a referral form. There is no application process, nothing additional is required and there is no time required to process the referral.

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