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Medicaid Transportation provides transportation for adults and children who receive specific types of Medicaid to a Medicaid-covered service.  Clients are transported to and from a medical destination in Durham, at UNC Hospitals, and in Brier Creek.  Eligibility is determined by the type of Medicaid a client receives.  The primary focus is to enable individuals who are without other means of transportation to get to their medical appointments. 






To apply for transportation to a medical facility, Medicaid clients should call (919) 560-8607.  The application process may take up to 20 minutes.

    • Availability of requested date of transportation is not guaranteed.  Availability is first come first serve.  A minimum of three days and a maximum of 14 days advance request for transportation is preferred for scheduling the transportation.  Any fewer than 3 days advanced request may result in the necessity to reschedule your doctor’s appointment.

Clients must provide the following information:

  1. Medicaid ID number or social security number
  2. Time and date of appointments
  3. Location of the medical provider where the client is traveling

Please note:

Medicaid Transportation does not provide transportation:

  1. To appointments not covered and paid for by Medicaid, such as church or shopping.
  2. To Medicaid clients who are not eligible to receive transportation.
  3. To clients who do not have Medicaid.
  4. Client must wait at least 30 minutes after calling DSS for trip approval before calling transportation providers to assure that the provider has received and had time to process the approval form.
  5. Clients must provide their own car seats, regardless of what transportation provider they are riding.
  6. Clients must call their assigned transportation provider on the same day that trip approval is received from Medicaid Transportation or your request for transportation may not be granted due to transportation slots being full.


New or Medicaid recertified clients will need forms completed by Medicaid Transportation staff. This process may take up to 20 minutes.

A Verification of Receipt of Covered Services form will be sent to each eligible client. This form must be taken to the doctor’s office by the client to have it completed by the medical staff, office staff, or front desk staff. The client must fill in their name and Medicaid number on the form and return it to the DSS Medicaid Transportation Department.  You may return the completed form in one of three ways:

  1. In the envelope provided by Medicaid Transportation
  2. By giving it to the van or car driver when you are picked up from your health care provider.
  3. By faxing it to Medicaid Transportation at 919-328-6189.


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