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Early Voting Begins April 19th in Durham

Residents Reminded to Use One Stop Locator Web App

Post Date:04/16/2018

Durham, NC – Citizens desiring to cast an early ballot for the upcoming Durham Public Schools Board of Education election and/or the Primary Election for U.S. House of Representatives, Durham County Sheriff and Durham County District Attorney will have the chance beginning Thursday, April 19, 2018. Early voting will be offered at multiple locations in Durham including the Board of Elections Office, located at 201 N. Roxboro Street in downtown Durham. Other locations include:


  • Duke University Brodhead Center 402 Chapel Drive
  • East Regional Library 211 Lick Creek Lane
  • North Carolina Central University Turner Law Building, 640 Nelson Street 
  • North Regional Library 221 Milton Road
  • South Regional Library 4505 South Alston Avenue


Voters are reminded that there is now a web application available here to help locate early voting locations in Durham. With the support of City/County GIS, the Durham Board of Elections launched the application in February of this year.


According to BOE Director Derek Bowens, approximately 70 percent of 2016 General Election voters participated in early voting. “Our goal is to make Early Voting as easy to access as possible for our citizens,” he said. “The purpose is to facilitate use of Early Voting sites around the county and to keep our constituents informed.”


Here are some additional highlights regarding the One Stop App: 


  • Provides images of the one-stop location.
  • Provides navigation tool, powered by City/County GIS, to provide directions on how to get from a current location to the one-stop site. In addition to finding the closest one-stop site and proximity to all locations, the app offers a printing option for users.


“As the applications advances, there are plans to implement a wait-time feature that voters will find useful and encourage increased balance in site visitation numbers.”


Bowens says there is more to come in the future for application usage for the Durham BOE. “The new One-Stop Voting App is the first of several applications offered that will improve voter education efforts and make voting more navigable.”


For more information about the elections held in Durham County, visit or call 919-560-0700.