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Winter Storm Aftermath Poses Challenge for North Durham Waste Collection Site

Rougemount Convenience Site Remains Closed

Post Date:12/13/2018

Durham, NC – Durham County General Services staff have cleared all surfaces maintained by the County including its four convenience sites located across Durham. The Rougemont Convenience Site, located at 108 Bill Poole Road, has been cleared but challenges continue due to over saturated areas on site. The location has not opened since Winter Storm Diego and will likely remain closed as the week comes to a close.


According to Solid Waste Program Manager Chrissie Koroivui melted snow has caused the ground to become extremely wet turning soil to mush. “Although there has been a significant improvement in weather conditions, the ground at the Rougemont Site is still saturated,” said  Koroivui. “When the ground has softened to the point where it is now, the hauling process used to remove filled bins becomes unsafe as trucks become stuck onsite.” Until the trash is removed, there is not space for additional collections.


Crews have exhausted their resources to remediate the situation. Only time and warmer temperatures dry the ground making hauling by the vendor possible. Staff is unable to determine how long it will take before access is possible. In the meantime, residents with a valid 2018-2019 decal authorizing access to the County Convenience Sites are encouraged to use the Bahama Convenience Site, located at 9008 Quail Roost Road in Bahama, as an alternative drop off site.


“We will closely monitor the situation and resume services as soon as it is safe to do so.”


For more information about Durham County Convenience Sites or General Services Department, call (919) 560-0433.






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