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County Begins Nine Month Renovation Project at Main Administration

Post Date:02/26/2020

Durham, N.C. – Updates to Durham County’s Administration I Building, located at 200 E. Main Street, are underway. The nine-month renovation project began last week and is scheduled to be concluded by November 2020. The project led by DTW Architects & Planners, Ltd, and Resolute Building Company includes two phases. Nearly half of the building is unoccupied following the movement of three large departments to Administration Building II, located at 201 E. Main Street, in October 2018. With fewer employees in the building, transition between renovated spaces is projected to be smooth and cause few interruptions in services during the renovation period.


The first phase of the project includes renovation to the Ground and First (1st) Floors of Administration Building I. Once the renovation is completed, three departments will move to the updated space. Internal Audit and Budget and Management Services will move to the Ground Floor and Human Resources will move to the 1st Floor of the building. Completion of phase one of the renovation project is expected in August 2020.


During the phase one, vending machines currently on the Ground floor will be relocated to 4M lobby next to the elevator. Restrooms located on the Ground Floor and 1st Floor are included in the renovation project. The restrooms will not be available during the first phase of the project. Public restrooms for Subway patrons will be available off the Third (3rd) Floor elevator lobby.  Once phase one of the renovation is completed, the Ground Floor, 1st Floor and their respective restrooms will reopen.


Phase two of the project will include the renovation of the Fourth floor (4th) and the Fourth Floor Mezzanine (4M). Durham County Legal will occupy the updated space on the 4th floor and Information Services and Technology will expand their operations onto 4M. A part of IS&T will remain on the fifth floor of Administration Building I. Completion of phase two of the renovation project is expected in November 2020.


Services provided by the affected departments will continue to operate as normal, however, access to the building may be challenging for employees and visitors. Beginning Wednesday, February 26, access points to the building will be limited throughout phase one. The entrance doors facing Main Street will remain open and allow 1st floor access to the stairways to the Ground Floor and Second (2nd) Floor. Elevators will not be accessible from the 1st floor. Elevator access will be available at the Ground Floor and the 2nd Floor. 


The Ground Floor entrance facing Main Street will remain accessible allowing ADA access. Patrons of Subway Restaurant located on the Ground Floor will able to use the previously mentioned access point. 


Additional information about this project can be found on the DCo Engineering and Environmental Services Project Management Division webpage under Administration Building I Renovations. For questions about this renovation project, contact DCo Engineering and Environmental Services Senior Project Manager James Faress at or 919-560-7963.



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