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Commissioners Approve $675.6 Million Budget

Post Date:06/09/2020 10:17 AM

Durham, NC On Monday, June 8, 2020, the Durham Board of County Commissioners adopted the Fiscal Year 2020-21 budget totaling $675,607,696. This year’s budget keeps the County property tax rate flat at 71.22 cents per $100 valuation. The budget passed with a 3-2 vote by the BOCC.


“The budget is a moral document,” said Chair Wendy Jacobs. “It is a reflection of our values and priorities. There is a lot of really important work and important priorities that are reflected in this budget.”


The FY ‘20 - ’21 budget, approximately $17.4 million more than the previous budget, reflects a slight decrease from County Manager Wendell M. Davis’ recommended budget of $675.9 million. The general fund, providing the necessary financial resources for most of Durham County’s activities and services is $467,034,886. 


The approved budget provides $153,177,778 in funding for Durham Public Schools (DPS), increasing by $7.2 million to support the per pupil amount of $3,694. A part of that funding increase is an additional $2 million for annual DPS capital support. An additional $5.44 million is budgeted under the County’s Department of Public Health and the Office of the Sheriff to fund school nurses and 27 School Resource Officers. Due to tightened budget restraints related to COVID-19’s effect on the local economy, funding for Pre-K expansion did not increase for FY ‘20 - ’21. The budget allotment for Pre-K expansion stays flat at $5.25 million. The FY  ‘20 - ’21 budget provides $7,872,799 for Durham Technical Community College. This is a slight decrease of $27,3595 allotted since last year’s budget cycle, related to decreased Article 46 sales tax collection supporting local resident scholarships.


Looking toward the upcoming fiscal year, Commissioners approved an additional $2.7 million to support increasing health insurance costs for County employees, while limiting growth in employee salaries with no planned merit increases, due to much tighter budget conditions in the upcoming fiscal year.


Other highlights from the FY ‘20 - ‘21 approved budget include:


  • Department of Social Services Medicaid Enrollment Support – $943,479 (up to 39 Potential Full Time Employees (FTE)
  • Cooperative Extension to receive new agriculture agent position
  • New position support and other operating needs – $2.00 million
  • Information Technology operating cost increases – $1.03 million
  • City/County Department increases – $368,178
  • Internal Audit – $76,167 (1 FTE)
  • Solid Waste support – $12 Sticker Fee increase
  • Stormwater policy implementation – New enterprise fund supported by fee revenue, with an average annual fee of $24 for non-City residents
  • Reserved for Potential Unknown COVID-19 Expenditures – $4.5 million
  • Reserved for Potential Receipt Shortfall (expenditure budget holdback) – $4.6 million
  • Departmental reductions – $3.14 million


To review the approved budget details, visit the County’s Budget and Management Services webpage at Budget information on adopted budgets dating back 10 years prior are available to view and download on the page. For additional questions or information about the FY ‘20 - ‘21 Adopted Budget, email



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