Misdemeanor Diversion Program

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 What is MDP (Misdemeanor Diversion Program)? Who Does MDP serve?

Program accepts all first-time misdemeanor offenses except for firearm offenses, sexual offenses, and traffic matters. 

MDP serves age 18-26 and older adults on a case-by-case basis at law enforcement discretion. 

Participation is voluntary.

 How Does MDP Work?

Law enforcement officers refer the person at time of criminal infraction. The MDP referral is done in lieu of citation or arrest. 

MDP participants are to contact the MDP Coordinator within 48 hours to set up an intake to be in the program.

Program is up to 90 days. If needed, wraparound services for mental health/substance use treatment, housing, education and vocational needs are available and free of charge.

Upon completion of MDP, the Coordinator informs law enforcement and case is closed with participants criminal record remaining clean. 

If participant opts to not complete MDP, the case is sent back to law enforcement for possible warrant for arrest on original allegation(s).

Does it cost?

All MDP programs and wraparound services are free of charge. 

Funding for MDP is provided by Durham County and collaborations/donations from our community partners.