Post Arrest Diversion

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 What is PDP (Post Arrest Diversion Program)?

The Post-arrest Diversion Program (PDP) is a new initiative started in 2020 with the Durham District Attorney’s Office and the Criminal Justice Resource Center.

PDP accepts lower-level felony cases with the exception of firearm offenses, sexual offenses, domestic violence cases, and traffic matters. 

Any age may be referred to PDP.

How does PDP work?
All referrals to PDP come directly from the Durham District Attorney Office following an agreement with Defense Attorney and client involved with the case. 

Referred Participants are to contact the Coordinator within 48 hours to set up an intake to enroll in the program. 

Program lasts between four to six months for most cases. Program assignment will be determined at intake based on allegation(s) and needs presented during intake.

If participant does not wish to do PDP or does not comply with program, case will be sent back to DA office for prosecution on original allegation. 

Upon completion, the DA office will be notified, and the case will be handled according to agreements made with all involved parties in the case prior to participant enrollment in program (i.e. dismissal, plea deal, etc.).