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The Sustainability Office organizes community education and outreach initiatives to enhance sustainability throughout Durham’s community, including presentations on sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are a few of the ways the City and County are working to make our community more sustainable:

Energy Conservation

Neighborhood Improvement Services offers free home energy savings workshops. Residents learn how energy is used and wasted in homes and things they can do to save energy and lower their bills.

Pete Street

Pete Street is a neighbor-to-neighbor energy education and savings program developed by Clean Energy Durham. According to the UNC Environmental Finance Center, residents who attended neighborhood Pete Street Hands-On Workshops use an average of 17.5% less energy than residents that don't participate.  If you are interested in implementing Pete Street in your own community, contact us and we will provide you with a complete set of materials you need including training manuals and materials.


The Durham Station Transportation Center links area bus, bike and rail transportation. In 2006, the City passed comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plans, which map the road to healthier, more sustainable transportation. The Bull City Connector is a free bus running between Goldenbelt and Duke Hospital, with a connector bus to NCCU. Both the City and County offer free electric vehicle charging stations throughout Durham.

Our partner, GoSmart (Formerly Triangle Transit), offers incentives for alternative commuting (bus, carpool, vanpool, walking, biking) through the GoPerks program.


Water Management offers a $100 rebate to residents who install water-efficient toilets. The County Soil and Water Conservation District has rain barrels for sale (as well as compost bins, wildflower seeds and boxes for birds and bats).

Open Space

The Open Space and Trails Commission has offered a 20-year series of matching grants for projects in the community, facilitating playground construction, park land purchases, trail building, gardens, and other initiatives.


Keep Durham Beautiful has opportunities for people and organizations to adopt trees, streams, parks, streets, and more. They also offer small grants for beautification projects.

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