Recently Approved Ordinances

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Ordinances approved by board of commissioners  

adopted date

Revised Smoking in Prescribed Public Areas Ordinance   10/09/2017
Amended Design District Ordinance (TC1400003)   09/01/2017
Amended Provisions of the UDO (TC1700001)   08/31/2017
Ordinance to Allow the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Before Noon on Sundays at Licensed Premises   08/13/2017
Revisions to the Mass Grading Buffers Ordinance (TC1600006)   05/22/2017
Revisions to the Wireless Communication Facilities Regulations Ordinance (TC1600001)   01/01/2017
Amended Provisions of the Historic Preservation Ordinance (TC1600004)   01/01/2017
Minority and Women Business Enterprise Ordinance   11/28/2016
Parking Ordinance Chapter 24 Amendment
Public Health Nuisance Abatement to the Durham County Solid Waste Ordinance Amendment

Canine Waste Removal Ordinance   03/14/2016
Durham County Code of Ordinances Amendment - Emergency Services - Ambulance Franchises, Creation of the EMS Peer Review Committee   03/7/2016
Amended Provisions of the Text Amendment, Unified Omnibus Changes 9 (TC1500001)   02/16/2016
New Zoning District Titled Science Research Park Center
Accessory Structure-Home Occupants
Code of Ordinances Entitled-Animal Welfare Advisory Committee   08/24/2015
Riparian Buffer Setback and Lot Record (TC1500004)   08/10/2015
Affordable Housing Parking and Density Bonus   08/10/2015
Independent Living Facility   06/22/2015
Revisions to the Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance (TC1200013)   05/11/2015
UDO Regarding Required Project Boundary Buffers for Industrial Light Zoning District (TC1400002)
Amend Various Provisions of the UDO (TC1300001)   08/11/2014
Tree Ordinance Resolution   05/27/2014 
Revised Fee Ordinance
Rural Village Watershed Provisions
Amend Chapter 2, Article I, Section 2, General Administration
Revised Density Requirements within Article 6 (TC12000012)

Repeal Chapter 24, Article V, Commute Trip Reduction Ordinance   10/28/2013
Amend Chapter 4, Article II, Animal Taxation    06/24/2013
Ordinance of Chapter 26, Article IV, Wastewater Connection and Treatment System   03/11/2013
Ordinance of Chapter 24, Stopping, Standing, or Parking of Vehicles in Specified Parking Areas   02/25/2013
Ordinance of Family Care and Group Homes   02/25/2013 
Ordinance of Temporary Modular School Classroom Units   02/25/2013
Ordinance of Urban Growth Areas   02/25/2013