Durham Commute Trip Reduction Program

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Vanpool Durham County encourages all employers in the county to help their employees use alternative ways to get to work instead of driving alone in their cars. The County supports and promotes the voluntary Commute Trip Reduction Program administered by Triangle Transit. This program assists employers in determining employee commute habits, identifying strategies and incentives for encouraging alternative commuting, and implementing programs that encourage employees to take the bus, vanpool, carpool, bike, walk or telework. Your organization’s efforts to help mitigate the growing traffic congestion concern in the Triangle through commute trip reduction efforts will help to improve both our air quality and overall quality of life here in the Triangle. For more information, contact Stephanie Loyka at 919-485-7463 or SLoyka@triangletransit.org.

Here are some samples of Commute Trip Reduction surveys in English and Spanish. Triangle Transit conducts the surveys once a year. Please contact Stephanie Loyka (sloyka@triangletransit.org or 919-485-7463) to find out more: