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      Are you a correctional case manager with a client being released back to Durham County? The LRC is here to help them make a successful transition back into the community.

The LRC is a coalition of providers that offer a variety of services to formerly incarcerated individuals ranging from job readiness training to substance abuse treatment and so much more.

The LRC works with clients who are within 6 months of release and who's home plan is Durham. However, if you have a former client who has been recently released and is in need of reentry services refer them to us.

The goal of the LRC coordinator is to...


1. Assess the reentry needs of the client (preferably pre-release)

2. Collaborate with the case manager and the client to form a reentry plan


3. Connect the client to the services they need and guide them through the beginning stages

4. Follow up with the client to make sure they are receiving the care they need



To refer a client to the Local Reentry Council


Write us at:  326 E. Main St. Durham, NC 27701

Call us at: (919) 560-7589

Email us at: