Assessment Center Process

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All candidates must have a application on file for the position for which they are testing with Durham County Human Resources.

If a application is chosen by the Durham County EMS hiring official, the hiring official will contact the applicant to participate in the Durham County EMS Assessment Center Process.  The assessment center process is a competitive process.  Please click here to read some tips on preparing for the assessment center. The Assessment Center Examination Process is based on National Standard of Care Procedures and the following:20150825_132421

  • DOT National Standard Curriculum for Paramedic and Basic
  • PEPP
  • GEMS

All candidates will be required to complete a physical agility test. To see an over view of the agility test click here Agility Test. For the release form click here Release Form.

Criminal histories, driving records, personal and work references will be conducted including the candidates current/last employer. Applications that are chosen for hire will be sent back to human resources for final approval. Once EMS receives final approval candidates will be contacted by the hiring official and employment offers will be made. Candidates will be required to take a pre-employment drug screen and health physical.

Candidates will participate in a Durham County Government three day orientation course and a mandatory Durham County EMS Orientation program for six to seven weeks.  Attendance is mandatory for the entire orientation process. Once candidates successfully complete orientation, candidates will then begin a six to nine month Field Training and Evaluation Program.

Candidates chosen to become part of Durham County EMS we will be required to furnish the following documents. This list is only a partial list, but this allows you to understand what documents we will be asking for only if you are contacted for employment.

  • NC Drivers license (out of state is not accepted by Durham County)
  • If you have not been a NC resident for the past three years, a three year driving history from the state you reside in will need to be provided.
  • Social security card (required for all employees to enroll in the state retirement system)
  • Immunization record to include Hep B dates and titer results within past six months (if applicable)
  • BLS certification
  • Transcript of any continuing education for current certification period. Including any skills or Technical Scope of Practice evaluations.
  • Any skills or Technical Scope of Practice evaluations
  • All candidates must show proof of I-5 An Introduction of Haz Mat Awareness or a Haz Mat Awareness course, NIMS level IS-100, IS-200, IS-700 and IS-800. These courses can be completed online at Completion Certificates issued from FEMA or an email form FEMA verifying successful completion may be used for verification.
  • Proof of personal vehicle liability insurance coverage.
  • Voided check or letter from bank for direct deposit enrollment.