Open Space and Real Estate Division

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The Open Space and Real Estate Division is responsible for the implementation of the County Open Space and Farmland Protection program. Staff implements the County Open Space Corridor Plans by working with landowners, non-profit agencies, public agencies and other stakeholders in the protection of identified lands, natural resources and waterways to improve the quality of life for all Durham County citizens. Staff seeks interested landowners for protection of identified lands by fee simple purchase, conservation easements and other voluntary land protection methods. Staff is also responsible for the development of public recreation areas on County owned open space properties that include major parks, natural areas, nature trails and other recommendations of the Open Space Plans. Staff works with interested farmers to draft farmland conservation easements.

The Division is also responsible for all County real property by identification of appropriate lands for County facilities, leased land and office space, and the sale/disposal of all County owned surplus properties.

The Open Space and Real Estate Division offices are located on the fifth floor of the County Administrative II Building at 201 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27701.

The Division assists with the implementation of the Durham Open Space and Trails Commission Matching Grants Program.  This program is designed to assist non-profit organizations in Durham County, both inside and outside the city limits, in preserving open space lands and promoting new or improved recreational opportunities for citizens of Durham County.

For more information on this grant program and how to apply, please visit this link:

 Durham Open Space and Trails Commission Matching Grants Program



Flat River              Boardwalk Building

Flat River                                                         Boardwalk Building at New Hope Creek Bottomlands Trail




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