Durham County Open Space Program

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The Durham County Open Space Program was formally created in 2003 to guide the County's acquisition of open space parcels, with a focus on watershed and farmland protection.  The program focuses on acquiring properties located in County adopted Open Space Plan Areas:

1. The New Hope Creek Corridor Open Space Plan (1991)

2. The Little River Corridor Open Space Plan (2001)

3. The Eastern Durham Open Space Plan (2007)

4. Urban Open Space Plan (2017).

Click on the link below to download a map showing all of these plan areas as well as existing Durham County Open Space Parcels:

Durham County Open Space and Farmland Protection Map

Since the program began, the County has preserved 3,581 acres of land, with 1,280 acres owned in fee simple and 2,301 acres in conservation easements.

The Open Space Program partners with Orange County to manage Little River Regional Park and Hollow Rock Nature Park.


Little River Matthews Tract

Little River