Farmland Protection Program

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Farmland preservation is a unique and important part of Durham County’s Open Space Program.  Durham County helps to preserve farmland for future generations of farming by purchasing the development rights of the farm and by placing a conservation easement on the farm that prohibits non-farm use in perpetuity. The land stays privately owned, for farming and forestry uses, but cannot be developed for non-farm uses. The program relies heavily on grants and partial donations to keep down the costs of preserving farmland.

For more information on the Durham County Farmland Protection Program, please download the informational brochure below:

Durham County Farmland Protection Program Overview

 The following is a list of farms in Durham County currently protected by farmland conservation easements.  Click on the highlighted links to learn more about the particular property.

Hill Farm

Herndon Farm

Russell Farm

Roger Tilley Farm

Poole Farm

Little Mountain Farm

Caywood Farm

Carrington Family Farm

Ellis Farm

Prodigal Farm

Blalock Farm

George Tilley Farm

Daye Farm


McFarland Farm

McFarland Farm