James Faress, PE  (919) 560-7963, Primary Project Manager

 Peri Manns, ASLA (919) 560-7996, Secondary Project Manager


Project Description

This project involves the renovation of the ground and first floors of the County Administration Building following the completion of the Judicial Building Renovation. Currently, these floors are occupied by the Register of Deeds and Tax Administration Departments which will be relocating as part of the Judicial Building Renovation. Various departments within the building require expansion due to service needs, and many of the departments currently occupy multiple floors. This project will improve department consolidation and adjacencies along with addressing other building issues as identified during the programming/evaluation phase.


200 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27701 Map

Team Members


Project Budget

 Overall Budget: $7,300,000


Current Phase: 

Architect Selection


Expected Completion:

August 2019