Detention Center Security Modifications

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Officers' Station Improvements + Jail Bed & HVAC Grille Replacement


Linda C. Salguero, AIA  (919) 560-7365, Primary Project Manager

James Faress, PE (919) 560-7963, Secondary Project Manager


Project Description

The Detention Center Officers' Station Improvements project will demolish the old Officers' Station located in each of the ten residential housing units, and construct new stations to improve security for the Officers.

The Jail Bed and HVAC Grille Replacement project upgrades the original versions of these two infrastructure items with newer models for improved detainee safety.


  217 South Mangum Street, Durham, North Carolina, 27701 Map

Team Members

   Architect:  O'Brien/Atkins Associates, PA

   General Contractor: C.T. Wilson Construction
   Beds & HVAC Grilles:  Comfort Mechanical
   Security Provisioning: Schneider Electric

Project Budget

   Officers' Station Replacement:      $850,000
   Bed & HVAC Grille Replacement:  $946,486

Current Phase:


Expected Completion

   Early 2020