Durham County Courthouse


James Faress, PE  (919) 560-7963, Primary Project Manager

Linda Salguero, AIA (919) 560-7365, Secondary Project Manager


Project Description

Today, all case scheduling information available to the public within the Durham County Courthouse is through the use of paper calendars (dockets) which are manually posted each morning on hallways of floors containing courtrooms.  The Digital Docket project will replace the current paper-based court docket posting process with an automated digital display system that presents the daily docket electronically on high definition displays in the public areas of the courthouse.  The primary objective is to facilitate wayfinding of courthouse patrons by providing a streamlined method of self-navigation upon entering the courthouse lobby, facilitating traffic flow and reducing staff interruptions.   Implementing the system will also serve to eliminate the staff overhead, printing cost and clutter associated with distributing paper dockets throughout the courthouse, and provide a consistent docket design and branding throughout the facility.


510 South Dillard Street, Durham, NC 27701 Map


Team Members

Architect (Millwork Modifications): O'Brien-Atkins Associates, P.A. 

Systems Manufacturer and Integrator - Infax, Inc.  


Project Budget

 Overall Budget: $200,000


Current Phase: 

System Installation and Verification


Expected Completion:

June 2017