Recently Completed Projects

JUDICIAL BUILDING RENOVATION  (Durham County Administration II)

  Architect:  O'Brien/Atkins Associates, PA

  CMAR: Whiting-Turner/Holt Brothers Construction

  Cost:  $47,209,129.18

  Completed:  August 2019


This project included a total removal of the existing 1978 courthouse building exterior and interior materials, replacement of all major building systems, a new elevator core, addition of a fire protection system, and complete reconfiguration of the interior.  The exterior envelope was replaced with a new curtainwall system that meets current energy performance standards.  Large expanses of glass now provide natural light and connect the indoors to the outdoors.  Energy-efficient building components and systems provide a comfortable, healthy indoor environment and reduce operating costs.  This building is currently under evaluation for LEED® Silver Certification.

Lincoln Community Health Center Phase II Renovations

  Architect:  Swanson & Stewart Architects
  Contractor:  Harrod & Associate Constructors
  Cost:   $2,191,520
  Completed:   April 2018


This project was an interior renovation of portions of both floors of the building, including conference rooms, existing toilets and office areas.  Renovation work included demolition and reconfiguration of walls, new casework and finishes, new ceiling tile and light fixtures, new plumbing fixtures, and reconfiguration of the mechanical system to support the new work.

Fire Station No. 17 / Joint EMS Facility

 FS 17 EMS

   Designer/Builder:   Bobitt
   Overall Budget:   $4,653,525
   County contribution:  $1,236.721
   Completed:  April 2018


 This project was a collaboration between Durham County EMS and the City of Durham Fire Department for the design and construction of a co-located Fire and EMS station. This new joint station is needed for future fire and EMS presence due to the growth and annexation in the Leesville Road/ Doc Nichols Road area in East Durham.

In accordance with Durham City and County commitment to environmental responsibility, this building is targeted for LEED Silver Certification.


 Digital Docket System for the Durham County Justice Center


   Architect:  O'Brien-Atkins Associates, P.A.
   Systems Manufacturer/Integrator:  Infax, Inc.
   Cost:  $200,000
   Completed: 2018

The Digital Docket project replaced the outdated paper-based court docket posting process with an automated digital display system that presents the daily docket electronically on high definition displays in the public areas of the courthouse. This provides a streamlined method of self-navigation upon entering the courthouse lobby, facilitating traffic flow and reducing staff interruptions.