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Sustainability Office of Durham County

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Here are some suggestions for ways you can help the environment while staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Notice our new look?  As of July 1st, Durham County and the City of Durham have split into the County Sustainability Office (Greener Durham) and the City Sustainability and Energy Management Division. Eleven years after jointly creating the City-County Sustainability Office, both governments' goals and initiatives have grown so much that having separate offices makes sense. 

The County Sustainability Office (GreenerDurham) works with County employees to improve how government does business by developing policies, educating staff, and promoting the ethics of environmentally responsible leadership. The Sustainability Office also works with people and organizations in the community to enhance sustainable living through public education, sponsored events, and other outreach as needed.

The main task of the County Sustainability Office is implementing Durham’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan. This plan, adopted in 2007, sets ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by government and the community by 2030. Learn more about Durham's progress in meeting these goals in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Update

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The mission of the Durham County Sustainability Office is to help protect and improve the County's and community's environmental management particularly related to greenhouse gas emissions through wise use of natural resources by providing guidance and resources to County employees, businesses, and residents.

Learn more about sustainability in Durham County by viewing the 2018 Durham County Sustainability Report

The Triangle Regional Resilience Partnership released our Regional Resilience Assessment. Take a look at the Executive Summary or dive into the full report.

Durham County Board of County Commissioners adopted a renewable energy resolution on November 13, 2018.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainable communities meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To achieve this goal, truly sustainable communities are environmentally healthy, socially responsible, and financially secure.

A healthy environment is rich in living resources, with clean air, water, and soil – providing for human and environmental well-being. Fair, just government and citizenry together ensure that the needs of everyone in the community are met. Financial security depends on and supports social and environmental health.

Project Spotlight: The Bull City Workplace Challenge 
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Durham workplaces interested in improving sustainability in their organizations are encouraged to sign up for the Bull City Workplace Challenge. We'll help you assess your current practices, connect you with resources to achieve your sustainability goals, and recognize you for your achievements. This program is open to all workplaces in the City of Durham and Durham County. 


Tobin L. Freid
Sustainability Manager
(919) 560-7999

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