Utilities Division

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The Utility Division supports the missions of the County and the Engineering and Environmental Services Department through operation of a wastewater utility and a water utility. The flagship of the wastewater utility is the Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant (TWWTP). The TWWTP is rated for an average daily flow of 12 million gallons per day and specifically designed to meet future nutrient load requirements for the Jordan Lake nutrient management strategy. The TWWTP serves the southeast portion of Durham County inside and outside the Durham City limits, and serves the Research Triangle Park areas within Durham County.

The wastewater utility also operates a small community wastewater Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) in the Wexford subdivision in eastern Durham County. This system was built in response to a community wastewater system.

In September 2016, the County began the operation of the Rougemont Water System. For decades, the Rougemont community in Northern Durham County had home and business wells impacted by groundwater contamination from leaking underground storage tanks. The County, with financial assistance from EPA, NCDEQ’s Underground Storage Tank program, and NCDEQ’s Department of Commerce, constructed a community water system to serve the properties in the areas impacted by the groundwater contamination.

Our phone number is (919) 560-9033

Email us at: utilities@dconc.gov