Pest and Mosquito Control

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The Pest Control Program provides Pest Control Services for county owned buildings and Mosquito Control Services for areas within the geographical boundaries of Durham County. Activities include regular scheduled spraying of 70 plus county facilities for the control of pest, and the prevention of mosquito breeding by cutting, clearing, larviciding, and herbiciding of drainage areas. The program provides public assistance for violations, orders of abatement, and educational information under the guidance of the North Carolina Department of Pest Management.
Although the county is not permitted to treat privately owned property, our certified Pest Control staff performs educational services to share information. This is designed to assist the residents of Durham in knowing how to effectively treat their own property for pests and in this difficult time of mosquito control to reduce the West Nile Virus treat.

Additional information on the West Nile Virus may be found in the links below and by searching the web for 'West Nile Virus'.
The general treatment Durham County uses for mosquito control is larvaciding standing water when mosquito larvae is found. Durham County does not perform any type of fogging or spraying areas to prevent any ecological issues.