Information Technology (IT) Governance

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Information Technology (IT) Governance
The IT governance structure at Durham County Government establishes the strategic, operational, and technical decision-making process necessary to ensure an innovative, reliable, and robust information technology.  IT governance provides strategic leadership, establishes county-wide IT priorities and policies in accordance with the Durham County Strategic Plan, and is accountable to the County.  This includes how IT is to be used and how decisions are to be made on business application needs, prioritization of IT investments, IT infrastructure and architecture needs. 
The IT Governance Executive Committee (ITGEC) is the steward for technology strategy, standards, policies and initiatives to enable the effective delivery of quality business technology solutions for County staff and the public.  In pursuit of its mission, ITGEC conscientiously balances these key aspects: Strategy; Value; Resources; Risk.
The primary goals of the IT Governance effort are:
  • To align the IT department direction with the County’s Strategic Plan and the County’s business priorities
  • Define the decision rights and executable processes needed to guide the application of information technology to the goals of the organization
  • Maximize value, leverage technology investments in the County and minimize IT risk
Durham County’s IT Governance framework is administered by the IT Governance Executive Committee.  Its members include County senior leadership who meet on a quarterly basis.

IT Governance