Ask DCo

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#AskDCo is a periodic social media live chat series via Facebook and Twitter. This format allows the public to get information from and ask questions of Durham County Government social media account managers during one-hour sessions.

The Durham County Public Information Office wants the #AskDCo chats to be in an environment that encourages conversation and provides needed information to our residents.

See below for a summary of the live chats.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to participate. Please keep the suggested guidelines in mind when chatting with us.
  • Include the hashtag, #AskDCo when asking your question
    • #AskDCo is how we will find your questions and how you can chat with other users.
  • Be polite
    • Questions or comments with profane or inflammatory language will be deleted from Facebook and reported as spam on Twitter.
  • Engage with us
    • Please ask questions and engage with others asking questions. Feel free to share information about the chat with your friends and followers.
  • Be patient
    • Questions will be answered in the order they are asked. An effort will be made to answer all the questions that were asked within the allotted hour.
  • No solicitation
    • This chat is designed for Durham County Government employees to offer requested information to Durham residents. Please do not use this chat or hashtag to promote your business or services.

April 23, 2014 - Ask DCo live Twitter feed - Spotlight: Public Health and EMS

Click here for a summary of the live chat


February 5, 2014 - Ask DCo live twitter feed - Spotlight: Durham County Sheriff's Office

Click here for a summary of the live chat.