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ATTENTION! Durham County Government is closing most offices to the public effective Monday, March 23, 2020. To read the detailed release about the closing, visit our news section at or click here.


April 6: Important Video Update from

Register of Deeds Sharon Davis

UPDATE March 20, 2020

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), staff has been reduced and services will be provided on a limited basis until the restoration of computers affected by the malware attacked. Once services are back online/restored, customers will be asked to visit the Durham County Register of Deed’s website to utilize remote services for e-recording and obtaining certified copies of Vital Records. Customers are asked to call the Register of Deeds’ Office for appointments for marriage licenses and notary oaths. 

UPDATE March 18, 2020

1.      The Register of Deeds highly recommends that attorneys who tried to e-file, and are now in backlog, to remove all e-files from the e-file vendor, and only resubmit when the system for submitting documents is back up.

This is especially relevant if an attorney first tried e-filing, but then used in-person recording to get closed. Any e-files with the e-file vendor not pulled back by an attorney, will be recorded by the Register of Deeds in the chronological order they were attempted to be submitted by the e-file vendor, but only after the system comes up. This will lead to double entries and non-refundable costs.

2.      Because indexes after 1999 are down, with no way of knowing how much of the index can be recovered. The office is working to understand the current completeness and accessibility of the full index, contingencies are being implemented to provide a full index as soon as possible.

NOTICE: Updated 3/17/2020

In an attempt to inform the public and aide their ability to make decisions regarding the recording of documents and permit, as much as possible, commerce to continue, the attached documents have been prepared. The documents include an Acknowledgement and Release concerning the limitations of the Register of Deeds due to the recent malware attack and a Notice Regarding Malware to accompany it which is intended to provide further information about those limitations, and the acknowledgement itself, to include how to locate it.

Notice Regarding Malware (Revised 3/17)

Acknowledgement and Release (Revised 3/17)



As the County continues to recover from the recent cyber malware attack, the Register of Deeds office has the following update from Register of Deeds Sharon Davis regarding the filing of Real Estate documents:

"The Register of Deeds Office is attempting to restore the process of recording real estate documents," Davis said. "This process involves several layers, a number of which have been addressed. However, there are a handful of elements outside of the Register of Deeds Office control which must be assessed to protect the integrity of the records and the public's interest. We ask for patience as we continue to recover from the cyber malware attack."

For questions about the filing of Real Estate documents, call (919) 560-0481.

Citizens who want to complete other business with the Register of Deeds Office can come to their office at 201 E. Main Street and do the following:

  • cashier transactions and notary oaths, certified copies of vital records
  • issue birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Obtain copies of older documents from 1881 to 2012.

At this time, the office cannot issue marriage licenses. Individuals can go to surrounding counties for this service. The department also cannot pull out county birth records. The office also cannot accept new passport applications at this time..

The office is currently using a backup system that allows them to keep record of what they process during this time. Once the full system is back up, all files will be uploaded.

Be advised, there will be extended time needed to complete any process.

Thank you for your continued patience as Durham County Government continues to work to restore all County services.



The Register of Deeds Office no longer accepts Personal Checks.

Acceptable Forms of Payment: Cash, Certified Check, Trust Account Check, Money Order, Debit/Credit Card (where applicable).



Sharon A. Davis
201 East Main Street
Administration Bldg. II
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919-560-0480

FAX: 919-560-0497
Hours: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Hours of Operation
Real Estate 8:30-5:00
(Recording Ends at 4:45)

Vital Records 8:30-5:00
(Marriage Licenses end at 4:30)

(No Marriage Licenses issued after 4:30 pm.)

(No Certified Copies of Vital Records; Births, Deaths, Marriages issued after 4:45 pm.).

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The mission of the Register of Deeds is to act as legal custodian of all land titles and all land transaction documents in Durham County. We will provide a level of service to the citizens, legal professionals, and other office users that is exemplary and state of the art for the industry. As legal custodian of land transactions and other miscellaneous documents, the Register of Deeds office files and records deeds, deeds of trust, uniform commercial codes (UCCs), corporations, assumed names, military records, and other legal papers; registers delayed birth records and issues marriage licenses; and administers the oath to notaries public. The Register of Deeds has the responsibility of indexing and cross indexing all documents filed.