Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Abbrev Definition
D/T Deed of Trust
P/A Power of Attorney
REG Request for Notice
DECL Declaration
SUB-TR Substitute Trustee
AMD Amendment
M-A Modification Agreement
SEP-A Separation Agreement
EASE Easement
UCC Uniform Commercial Code
Assumed NM Assumed Name
C-D-T Correct Deed of Trust
AFFDVT Affidavit
C-DEED Corrected Deed
ASGM Assignment
MEMO Memorandum
REF-D Release Deed
D-T-AGMT Deed of Trust/Security Agreement
S-A Subordination Agreement
C-ASGM Correct Assignment
R-C Restrictive Covenant
AMD-AGMT Amended Agreement
TERM Termination
BKTCY Bankruptcy
CONDO Condominium
TM-DEED Timber Deed
QCD Quit Claim Deed
C-QCD Correct Quit Claim Deed
EXRX-DEED Executrix Deed
TR-DEED Trustee's Deed
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