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How to Report a Crime

Discovering a Crime
If you observe a crime in progress or discover one that was committed earlier, there are several basic things you can do to assist the Police Department. If the crime is in progress, please call 911 and provide as much information as possible. Please give the location of the crime, type of crime, victim and suspect information, a suspect description if possible, and a vehicle description. Try to go to a safe place until officers arrive. If the crime was committed earlier, do not disturb anything and call the police. Give the 911 telecommunicator as much information as possible and wait for the officer to arrive.

Reporting the Crime
When the officer arrives, he or she will need certain information about the crime. The officer will ask what you observed and if there were other witnesses. The officer will need your name, address and telephone number. Try to remember as many details about the crime as possible and provide this information to the officer.

Reporting Confidential Information of a Crime

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All information is confidential and always remains anonymous.