DSS Leadership Teams

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DSS Board Members 


Tara L. Fikes
Tara L. Fikes, DPA,


Wendy Jacobs
Wendy Jacobs,
Vice Chair

Social Services 
Dr. Monique Holsey-Hyman


Janice Perrin Paul, J.D.


DSS Leadership Team 


William Ben Rose,
DSS Director


Catherine Williamson-Hardy,
Deputy Director


  Krystal Harris

Krystal Harris, 
 Assistant Director
 Customer Accountability & Talent Development  

 Social Services

Darlene Whitfield,
Program Manager
Customer Information Center

Social Services

Lynn Thomas,
Program Manager
Quality Assurance/Training

Sheila Dorsett,
Program Integrity Supervisor

Pam Purifoy,
Senior Public Information Officer


Rhonda Stevens

Rhonda Stevens,
Assistant Director
Family Economic Independence

Candace Leathers 
Candice Leathers,
Program Manager
Child Care Services

LaToya Chambers,
Program Manager

Meghan Russ,
Program Manager

Nancy Santos 
Nancy Santos,
Program Manager



Jovetta Whitfield,
Assistant Director
Child & Family Services

Sharyn Flood,
 Program Manager

Child Placement &
 Permanency Services

Elizabeth Ann Granby,
Program Manager
Child Protective Services


Shontelle Smith,
Program Manager
CPS In-Home Prevention



Janeen Gordon 
Janeen Gordon,
Assistant Director
Aging & Adult Services

Lee Little

 Lee Little,
 Program Manager
Aging & Adult Services

Group Care Monitoring

Sherry Rogers,
Crisis Services

 Contessa Sawyer,
Crisis Services

John Margolis,
Adult Protective Services
Tammie Tate,
Home Center Care

Randy Robinson,
Group Care Residential Services

Prudence Glover,
Community Alternative Program
Disability Adults (CAP-DA)



Lavette Williams,
 Centralized Intake

Brandon Mitchell,
Assistant Director
 Business Operations

Quannah Jackson-Brown,
Child Support

Rebecca Hartigan 
Kalindra Ellerbe,
Information Technology

 Jim Wolak
Jim Wolak,
Facilities and Fleet

Robyn Riley,
 Budget and Contracts
Christie McMillan,
John Kenion, 
 Finance and Reimbursement