Support for Aging Adults

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Every senior age 55 or older has access to quality services that support health, safety and financial well-being.

The demographics regarding age show that 22% of Durham County's population in the Baby Boomer Generation. All baby boomers will reach retirement age within the next 10 years. Additionally, Americans are living longer due to advancements in healthcare; as people are aging the resources needed for a longer retirement grow. To meet the long-term care needs of Baby Boomers, social and public policy changes must begin soon. Meeting the financial and social services burdens of growing numbers of elders will not be a daunting task if necessary changes are made now rather than when Baby Boomers actually need long-term care.

In addition to the future need for those who are not yet in this age category, there are a number people in Durham who are aged 55 and older who are in need of coordinated social services to understand the availability of resources in the broader community.

Durham County Department of Social Services envisions a community where there is a collaborative approach to addressing the growing needs of the aging population.

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