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Soil & Water...Yours for Life

The 2016-2017 Conservation Contests theme will be

'Soil & Water...Yours for Life!'


We don’t typically give the soil under our feet much thought, but it plays a big role in our lives. Bigger than most realize. It is more than just ‘dirt’… it is life. One tablespoon of soil has more organisms in it than there are people on earth. In fact, it is the 2nd largest ecosystem on Earth. Similarly, water plays a critical role in our very survival. Our planet is about 71% water and our bodies 60%. More than 90 % of the planet’s living biomass are found in the oceans. We need both Soil AND Water to grow the food to feed the world’s population of over 7 billion!

Soil takes centuries to millions of years to form, yet can be harmed or lost in a matter of minutes by careless human actions. And although water is continuously being recycled, the quality of it can be greatly impacted by everyday human actions. There is still 11% of the world’s population that do not have access to clean drinking water. Soil and Water are two of the four most fundamental and basic natural resources—soil, water, air and sunlight—that sustain life on Earth. We are looking for creative interpretations of just what it means when we say "Soil & Water...Yours for Life"

We are eager for students to :

dig deeper



Open to all public schools, private school, homeschool students and

student clubs in Durham County. Contest entries due on

Friday, February 24, 2017 - NEW EXTENSION

This contest theme, ‘Soil & Water...Yours for Life’ can be incorporated &/or enhance NC DPI Standard Course of Study, Essential Standards for Science for each grade level in the following Units:

  • 3rd grade - Earth Systems, Structures & Processes and Ecosystems

  • 4th grade - Earth History and Ecosystems

  • 5th grade - Ecosystems

  • 6th grade - Earth Systems, Structures & Processes and Ecosystems

  • 7th grade - Earth Systems, Structures & Processes

  • 8th grade - Earth Systems, Structures & Processes and Ecosystems

  • 9th grade - Earth Systems, Structures & Processes and Ecosystems

Each grade level correlation with the NC DPI Standard Course of Study are available upon request.

Important Notice Teachers!!! If one of your students wins 1st Place in one of the Conservation Contests, you will also receive an award of $50!

Contact us today with any questions, 919-560-0558