2016 Schedules of Values

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Volume 1: Introduction and Rate Tables
Volume 2: Land Use Classification / Neighborhood Delineation / Sales Analysis
Volume 3: Single Family Residences
Volume 4: Commercial / Industrial / Institutional Improvements
Volume 4.1: Apartments, Hotels, and Clubs
Volume 4.2: Multi-Family Residences and Motels
Volume 4.3: Stores and Commercial Buildings
Volume 4.4: Garages, Industrials, Lofts, and Warehouses
Volume 4.5: Offices, Medical, and Public Buildings
Volume 4.6: Churches, Theaters, and Auditoriums
Volume 4.7: Sheds and Farm Buildings
Volume 4.8: Schools and Classrooms
Volume 4.9: Miscellaneous Commercial Improvements
Volume 5: Present-Use Value
Volume 5.1: Use Value Advisory Board Manual
Volume 6: Commercial / Industrial / Institutional Construction Cost Tables used by Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system


Complete set of all volumes (large file—30MB)