Tax Payment Help Programs

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In an effort to ensure that taxes are fully paid no later than January 6, 2020 (last date to pay taxes before becoming delinquent) we offer the following payment plan options to citizens and have done so for many years.  Many citizens have taken advantage of these plans in the past.   


Pre-Payment Tax Help is a voluntary program in which a citizen is provided an estimate of a tax bill and allowed to pay prior to the creation of the 2019 tax bill.  For many, making monthly payments is easier than making a payment in one lump sum on or before January 6.  The citizen may choose when and how much they wish to pay before the delinquent date. Citizen must provide the account number and parcel number for the property to which payments are to be applied.   To be eligible to participate, previous years’ taxes must be paid in full.  To make pre-payments please complete the Tax Pre-payment application


Post- Billing Payment Tax Help is a plan provided to assist with payments after the 2019 tax bills have been issued. The tax office will work with the citizen to establish scheduled payments to ensure that the bill is paid in full before the delinquent date (after January 6th). To be eligible to participate, previous years’ taxes must be paid in full. Complete the Tax Payment Help Program application and return it to our office.


Payment plans once the bill becomes delinquent (after January 6) requires that a hardship form be completed.   We consider the type of hardship to determine the number of months a payment plan can be extended.  This type of payment plan is at the discretion of the Tax Collector.  By statute if the taxes are delinquent, even though a payment plan has been entered into we must advertise the lien that exists on the property and interest does accrual per North Carolina statutes.  Payment plans on hardships also require a payment monthly.  If payments are missed, the property is removed from the payment plan and is subject to enforcement actions.   


Tax Payment Help Program Brochure