About the Youth Home

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In 1945, the Durham County Youth Home came into existence as a result of an idea of Mamie Dowd Walker, Judge of the City and County Judicial Court. By 1947, the Durham County Youth Home was completed and in operation as the first county facility of this nature in the State of North Carolina.

In 1966, Fred Elkins, Chief Court Counselor of Durham County Juvenile Services Division was given management responsibility. In 1972, Personnel Director, Mr. Benjamin Shaw maintained the physical facility and staff coverage. Mr. Shaw supervised the Youth Home's operation until his retirement in 1984.

Mrs. Josephine Edwards, who served as Acting Personnel Director and the home's manager from March 1984 until March 1985, succeeded him.  Bob and Andrea Rogers served as Resident Managers from 1972 until 1984.   Doug and Lori Vaughan served as Resident Managers from 1984 until 1985.

Mr. Arnold Dennis was appointed as Assistant for the Youth Home in September 1985. The Youth Home became the direct responsibility of the County Manager's office on July 1, 1986 and Mr. Dennis was appointed as its first director. The Youth Home relocated to 2432 Broad Street in 1988 while Mr. Dennis continued to serve as director until October 1997.

Mr. Steven G. Price succeeded Mr. Dennis in 1997 and served as Director of the Youth Home until September 2001.

Ms. Angela G. Nunn was appointed Interim Director of the Youth Home in September 2001 and was named Director in December 2001.