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The Youth Home  administration encourages juveniles to maintain ties with their families through regular visits.  Authorized visitors: Parents, close relatives (e.g. grandparents, brothers and sisters, 18 years of age or older).    Attorneys, Court Counselors, and Clergy are allowed to visit but must contact the Youth Home to make pre-arrangements.   Parents please contact your child's Court Counselor to confirm that your visitation privileges have been approved.

                                                       Visitation Procedures [PDF]

Visiting hours are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Visitation with each child is limited to 15 minutes per visit due to limited visitation space for residents and family.

Exceptions can be made to this policy for parents whose work schedule prevents them from visiting during the normal visiting hours.

Parents must call to make special arrangements and obtain approval from the Court Counselor and the concurrence of the Youth Home Director or designee. 

 Visitation privileges may be revoked if misused or violated by parents and relatives.

Visitation rules are also available upon arrival at the Youth Home.