Most DCo offices to open on delay at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, December 12th. Libraries will open at 11 a.m. More details here.

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Agency     Director  Phone   Address
Animal Services Sheriff 919-560-0630 3005 Glenn Road
Board of Commissioners Wendy Jacobs 919-560-0026 200 East Main Street
Board of Elections Derek Bowens 919-560-0700 201 North Roxboro Street
Budget & Management Services Keith Lane 919-560-0012 200 East Main Street
City/County Inspections William Bradham 919-560-4144 101 City Hall Plaza
City/County Planning Vacant 919-560-4137 101 City Hall Plaza
Clerk to the Board Teri Hugie 919-560-0025 200 East Main Street
Cooperative Extension Service Morris White III 919-560-0525 721 Foster Street
County Attorney Lowell Siler 919-560-0715 200 East Main Street
County Manager Wendell Davis 919-560-0000 200 East Main Street
Criminal Justice Resource Center Gudrun Parmer 919-560-0500 326 East Main Street
Emergency Management Jim Groves 919-560-0660 2422 Broad Street
Emergency Medical Services Kevin Underhill 919-560-8285 402 Stadium Drive
Engineering and Environmental Services Jay Gibson 919-560-0735 201 E. Main St.
Finance Susan Tezai 919-560-0035 200 East Main Street
Fire Marshal Jim Groves 919-560-0660 2422 Broad Street
Forest Protection Chris Hirni 919-560-0562 721 Foster Street
General Services Motiryo Keambiroiro 919-560-0430 310 South Dillard Street
Human Resources Kathy Everett-Perry 919-560-7900 200 East Main Street
Information Services & Technology Greg Marrow 919-560-7003 200 East Main Street
Library Tammy Baggett 919-560-0100 300 North Roxboro Street
Public Health Gayle Harris 919-560-7600 414 East Main Street
Public Information Deborah Craig-Ray 919-560-0000 200 East Main Street
Register of Deeds Sharon Davis 919-560-0480 201 East Main Street
Sheriff Michael D. Andrews 919-560-0897 510 South Dillard Street
Social Services Ben Rose 919-560-8000 414 E. Main Street
Soil & Water Conservation District Eddie Culberson 919-560-0558 721 Foster Street
Tax Administration Kim Simpson 919-560-0300 201 East Main Street
Veteran Services Lois Harvin-Ravin 919-560-8387 414 East Main Street, 3rd Floor
Youth Home Angela Nunn 919-560-0840 2432 Broad Street